As a fashion label we understand our responsibilities towards our customers as well as towards the environment. Given the current climate situation we try our best to create garments that are sustainable and still modern, garments that are made to the highest fashion standards and will make our customers happy for many years. 

How we contribute:

  • our modern yet time-less designs combined with skilled workmanship make our pieces long-lasting friends

  • to eliminate waste we create small collections, which means that we are not producing huge amounts of samples, but rather concentrate on designs that we love. This way we also have more time to spend on sourcing the best and most sustainable materials

  • we do not use fur, leather or skins, and we are striving to use more and more certified organic and recycled textiles

  • all the materials we use are made in Europe, which allows us to overview and control the quality 

  • we produce in the EU to ensure that everybody who takes part in the manufacturing process is treated fairly and with respect

  • the short delivery routes from suppliers and our manufacturers allows us to reduce our CO2 footprint and we also reduce our waste by reusing the fabric leftovers - view our deadstock rebirth pieces